Enabling a more meaningful work life for finance professionals

You're looking to organise, de-stress and simplify the financial close process for your team.

We built Aico, the company and the platform, to handle the complex, unique and changing needs of the world's biggest enterprises, and the people who work there.

Every solution we offer can be brought together to form part of a complete financial close process platform, built by our team of delivery and software specialists.


"Our mission is to provide the solutions where large enterprises can take control of their closing processes. We want to give them the freedom to focus on other vital finance functions that provide the foundation for a company to grow." - Marko Voutilainen, CEO.

Award-winning support

Statutory compliance, operational complexity and technological advances demand that the financial platform you use is flexible and scalable.

Aico’s R&D and Product teams adapt, innovate and develop alongside you and your needs, meeting each new twist in the road with the tenacity and commitment you expect from a first-class service.


“Our sense of togetherness means that we feel comfortable in our work community to share all of our ideas to find the best solutions even for the toughest of challenges.

"We achieve the best results working together, ensuring that we can come up with novel and advanced solutions.”

- Jēkabs, Solutions Consultant

Sustainable growth

“Aico has grown quickly, but it feels like everyone has the chance to grow and learn together with the company. I'd say if you have the willingness to grow, there is an opportunity for you here.

"Also, implementing Aico is a huge change for our customers, so we do everything we can to support them. After all, Aico is there to give finance professionals a better and more meaningful work-life balance by easing and automating some of their current accounting processes. We're here to support their evolving business needs and grow together.”

- Lolita, Support Specialist

Continuous learning

“Aico provides employees with opportunities to develop and progress personally and professionally by offering training, making it easy to change roles, or even country where possible!

"We are encouraged to be creative and innovate in our solution-orientated work culture.”

- Yahya, Software Developer

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Aico Accelerates Growth with Strategic Investment from Accel-KKR

From April 2024 Aico is in partnership with Accel-KKR, a global leader in technology investment. This investment fuels Aico's mission to provide large enterprises across Europe with a leading financial close platform.  

Accel-KKR is a global technology-focused private equity firm with $19 billion in cumulative capital commitments. Accel-KKR is committed to growth and helping software companies deliver value to their customers through excellent products and services. 

Accel-KKR's expertise and resources will propel Aico's market expansion, bringing automation, transparency, and control to the financial close process for more businesses than ever before. With this investment, Accel-KKR will join the current investor - Juuri Partners as backers of Aico. 

Introducing Our Leadership Team

Meet the people behind our commitment to excellence

image of Marko Voutilainen Aico

Marko Voutilainen Aico in



Marko has been the CEO of Aico since January 2001 and oversees all operations, including product development, implementation sales and marketing. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise software, he holds an MSc in System and Operations Research. He leads the development of Aico's strategies, ensures effective team collaboration and fosters a positive company culture. Marko devises innovative ideas for running Aico and reviews legal agreements. His role encompasses strategic communication both internally and externally, contributing to Aico's continued success in the industry.

image of Kaisa Nuorivaara

Kaisa Nuorivaara in

Chief People Officer


Kaisa has been the Head of People and Culture as well as Organisational Development at Aico since September 2016. She specialises in nurturing a positive company culture and overseeing organisational development. Additionally, she manages customer experience, including Customer Success and Support, as well as Aico’s Latvian and German legal entities. She believes in empowering individuals to develop their roles while providing support when needed, contributing to Aico's vibrant and supportive work environment.

image of Tomas Salonaho

Tomas Salonaho in

Board Member

image of Timo Paloheimo

Timo Paloheimo in

Chief Marketing Officer



To find our more about Timo, click here.

image of Shivam Dosa

Shivam Dosa in

Chief Project & Implementations Officer


image of Martti Lahtinen

Martti Lahtinen in

Chief Financial Officer


Introducing Our Board Members

Meet the people behind our commitment to excellence

image of Maurice Hernandez

Maurice Hernandez in

Managing Director, Accel-KKR

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image of Phillip Cunningham

Phillip Cunningham in

Managing Director, Accel-KKR


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image of Hansaka Fernando

Hansaka Fernando in

Senior Associate, Accel-KKR

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image of Tapani Varjas

Tapani Varjas in

Partner, Juuri Partners

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