Compare the Financial Closing solutions

Compare Aico and Blackline based on real user experiences and other public information. Feel confident about your decision, knowing you have all the facts to choose what's best for you. 

This comparison is based on open-source data available in March 2024. 

Data is taken from 


Average score 4.8

"Meets requirements" score - 9.3

"Ease of use" score - 9.6

"Ease of setup" score - 9.0

"Ease of admin" score - 8.7

"Quality of support" score - 9.4

"Product Direction" score - 9.3


Average G2 score 4.5

"Meets requirements" score - 8.8

"Ease of use" score - 8.8

"Ease of setup" score - 7.7

"Ease of admin" score - 8.1

"Quality of support" score - 8.8

"Product Direction" score - 9.4

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