Managing journals from your ERP system and Excel results in many repetitive manual tasks, which makes the process prone to data entry errors. These manual tasks drain valuable time and energy from your team that could be spent on more value-adding activities. In addition, any missed data entry errors require additional resources to go back and correct after the fact.

Journal entry automation is the natural first step towards streamlining some of the manual tasks. For example, an automated journal creation process integrated with your ERP system can save time by validating data, such as company codes and cost centres, to eliminate any data errors while also getting the data into the ERP faster, supporting a ‘right-first-time’ approach. Watch the journal entry automation deep dive webinar to learn more!

This iournal entry automation deep dive webinar explains and demonstrates how Aico reduces manual work and improves efficiency. The Aico Journal Entries solution supports a variety of automation features that can drive both efficiency and control over the process, such as:

  • Journal creation from pre-defined templates. Aico is a highly flexible solution and can be configured based on your organisation’s unique requirements.
  • Automatic journal uploading and posting to the ERP system. Due to live integration with your ERP system, real-time posting and confirmation back from your ERP system are delivered as standard.
  • Automation of journal reversals. No need to spend time manually reversing journals in your ERP system.
  • Automation of recurring journals. Create one master template to simplify and manage the recurring journal process.
  • Automation of complex journals like provisions, allocations, and accruals. Separately configured templates to standardise the process

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