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Enterprises' record-to-report (R2R) and financial close processes are undoubtedly complex and require considerable process standardisation and orchestration to achieve accuracy and timely financial reporting.

This level of complexity requires tech solutions that can harmonise and smoothen out the inconsistencies between ERP systems, legal entities, local currencies and tax requirements. A solution that will pull all the tools, processes and teams into one unified platform for a seamless workflow.

Welcome to Aico: The most advanced Financial Close platform for large enterprises.

The leading European enterprises achieve a high level of automation and standardisation of processes, faster month-end financial reporting and assurance of compliance and data accuracy.

Get to know the unique advantages of the Aico Platform:

  •  Unified Platform. Aico is a truly unified platform, with all its solutions and integrations being interconnected and working in synergy as opposed to disjointed platforms having only the branding and user interface appearance in common.
  •  Hyper-configurable. Aico offers the unique as standard. Our solutions are built on a hyper-configurable platform, ensuring that even the most complex enterprises can configure Aico to match their ideal accounting processes. Tailor the month-end process to your exact requirements without compromise.
  •  Real-time accounting. Balancing closing processes with other important activities becomes challenging when delayed ERP data updates hinder financial professionals. But real-time accounting is possible. Aico's industry-unique live ERP integration ensures data can be streamed instantly rather than downloaded and uploaded in periodic batch files.
  •  Best support. Aico offers unparalleled and award-winning customer service, providing access to experts who work closely with enterprises to address any issues and customise solutions to meet their specific requirements. Because enterprise finance teams work in a fast-paced environment, their questions demand a fast response, and with Aico, all our customers have access to real experts in their field.



Webinar presenter:

Christopher von Walzel

Christopher von Walzel, Sales Executive at Aico

Christopher is a Sales Executive with extensive experience in helping customers onboard Aico Financial Close Automation Solutions. He has successfully guided numerous companies through the complexities of adopting automation solutions to enhance efficiency, automation and accuracy. In this webinar, Christopher will showcase the critical features and advantages of Aico, illustrating its impact on financial processes and return on investment.

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