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About this webinar:

The financial close processes of enterprises no doubt are complex and require a good amount of process standardisation and orchestration to achieve accuracy and timely reporting.

Join us for an insightful webinar as we introduce the Aico Financial Close Platform and explain how it solves these challenges:

  • Outdated and disconnected tools. However large and advanced the enterprise businesses may be, the month-end accounting part by contrast often is still a very manual process reliant on Excel spreadsheets or software tools that don’t communicate with each other.

  • Multiple ERP systems or ERP system instances inherited from group company acquisitions pose a serious challenge for finance. How do we achieve more standardisation and more timely and accurate data from the ERP systems?

  • While many finance and accounting software solutions exist, few can be customized to align with the distinct processes of individual companies. Recognizing that no two businesses, nor their month-end close procedures, are identical, your finance software has to meet your specific needs, ensuring a customized fit for your operations.

  • Achieving the ideal financial close process is an ongoing journey, not a destination. The never-ending chase for the ideal process cannot happen without reliable software that evolves along and provides the necessary support at all times.

Webinar presenter:

Christopher von Walzel

Christopher von Walzel, Sales Executive at Aico

Christopher is a Sales Executive with extensive experience in helping customers onboard Aico Financial Close Automation Solutions. He has successfully guided numerous companies through the complexities of adopting automation solutions to enhance efficiency, automation and accuracy. In this webinar, Christopher will showcase the critical features and advantages of Aico, illustrating its impact on financial processes and return on investment.