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Aico invoicing information

Dear Business Partner, 

We use electronic processing of invoices and hope to receive all invoices from you in electronic format.  


  • E-invoice address: 003729249125
  • Operator: Maventa (003721291126)
  • Operator ID, when sending from bank network: DABAFIHH

2.Email invoices

  • Please remember that this address is only for invoices.
  • Invoices must be sent as email attachments in PDF format. If the invoice contains attachment pages, they must be included in the same file as the actual invoice.
  • A single e-mail must not exceed 5MB.

3.Paper invoices

If your company is unable to submit electronic invoices or send invoices to our email invoicing address, you can send paper invoices to the address of our invoice scanning service. Regardless of the format, the invoices should state the following address: 

Aico Group Oy  
PL 100  
80020 Kollektor Scan  

We do not accept invoices sent to any of our office addresses.

All invoices must include the following details:

  • description of the invoiced product or service
  • name/reference of Aico side contact
  • delivery date for the service or product
  • hour list if time & material invoicing
  • VAT number: FI29249125

Invoices without relevant details will be sent back to the sender. 

 For more information about invoicing, please contact  

Contact our invoicing team

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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